Disrupt Patient Education at MedStartr Momentum 2016

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In the United States, 36% of adults (approximately 115 million) lack the required health literacy to read or act on prescription labels, patient handouts, understand pharmacist counseling, or to convey their needs to the pharmacist.  Low health literacy is associated with poorer health outcomes and higher hospitalization and mortality rates, as well as an increased risk of adverse medication events.

Furthermore, patients receive prescriptions in the mail or pick up prescriptions from busy pharmacy counters on a daily basis. Current barriers to effective medication counseling do not regularly allow time for the pharmacist to sit with the patient and discuss their medications for 10-15 minutes at the counter.  Pharmacists are under tremendous pressure to meet their performance metrics and will regularly cover the counseling points of three or four medications in fewer than two minutes. The patient is then sent home with stacks of medication leaflets that may be difficult to read. 

DELIVER Consumer Medication Information (CMI), through accessible patient portals, bridging the medication education gap that exists between patients and their healthcare providers.

ACCESSIBLE and USEFUL education, with the intent of helping patients and their caregivers understand what they do and don’t know about their medication so they may take educated questions back to their own health care provider.

DESIGN CMI content with specific Federal Health Literacy guidelines in mind. Create a document that is more pleasing to the reader and easy to read, while also meeting all the necessary requirements listed in the FDA Useful Consumer Medication Information guidance document.

FORMAT CMI to allow consumers to read-along with an audible presentation of the CMI accessed seamlessly through their computer or mobile device.

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