Health Care Providers and Care Givers; Follow-Up Medication Information

As pharmacists, we all know that a face-to-face consultation with our patient or their caregiver allows for the most complete level of education.  We are also aware that patients rarely remember all we discussed after they get home.
Upon completion of a pharmacy counter counseling session, we close with an invitation for the patient to phone us back if they have any questions about their medication.  We also fold up the all-important consumer medication information flyers and put them in the patient’s bag.
We counsel patients in order to help them understand their medication therapy so they may optimize their treatment.  In addition to understanding their treatment, patients will benefit from understanding the consequences of not taking their medication. 
Ultimately, it is our goal for the patient to achieve their best possible outcome of therapy while avoiding any medication misadventures that may lead to emergency room visits or hospitalizations.    
Rather than the medication flyers, how about sending the patient home with access to the AudibleRx Consumer Medication Information audio library?
After listening to a medication specific counseling session, a patient or caregiver will have a clear idea of what they do and don’t know about their medication and be more prepared to take educated questions back to their own health care provider.
Health care providers, who have licensed AudibleRx as an education tool for their patients, may invite their clients to visit the consumer medication information library and CLICK & LISTEN to their specific information.  Alternatively, a health care provider may click on a link on the AudibleRx website and send an invitation directly to their patients email.
Visit the Provider page at AudibleRx and sign up for your 30 day free trial today.
Consumer Medication Information, provided in audible format, as an alternative to the paper handouts patients receive with their prescriptions.


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