Managing Medications with PillPack and AudibleRx

I recently had a conversation with a representative from a company called PillPack.  In my opinion, PillPack is the Community Pharmacy of Online Pharmacies.  They offer a wonderful service for patients who need assistance organizing their doses.  We have the good fortune of posting a guest blog from a representative of PillPack here on the AudibleRx blog page.

The number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes is growing exponentially in the United States and abroad. There are different kinds of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2 are the most well known, but there’s also monogenic diabetes, which is rarer but still affects many.  As an individual recently diagnosed with diabetes becomes accustomed to their new lifestyle, there are many different aspects that need to be taken into account.

One of the scariest aspects of diabetes is that if it’s left untreated, or if it’s not treated properly, it can lead to lots of other conditions and complications. This can include things like blindness, kidney failure, or even heart disease.

As a result, the medicines can quickly add up for some people who have diabetes, especially if they have any of these other health problems. This can be especially problematic for many people who are older and may have age-related problems that they need to take medicine for. Making sure they’re taking the right medications on the right days and at the right times can be both stressful and potentially dangerous.

Recently I learned about a new online pharmacy called PillPack that is helping people make sure they receive the right medications at the right times. Instead of just handing over a bunch of bottles of medicine for you to figure out on your own, they separate the pills you need to take at one time into individual packets. It really makes the process of managing multiple medications a lot simpler than if you had to do it all on your own.

According to their website, they send two weeks’ worth of medication at a time. Each packet can be torn off and opened when the time comes. It’s also easy to plan ahead for things like trips and vacations so you can bring the right dosages along with you.  They also have the ability to ship things other than pills.  For diabetes users who have insulin pen needs, PillPack can include refrigerated items that are taken as needed along with your other medicines.

Each of the medications included with the pack includes written instructions, the same as if you were given the medication at your local pharmacy.  PillPack would be an great tool to pair with AudibleRx to further simplify the process of medicine management.  Too often, patients do not take the time to read over the paper handouts, either because they are not willing or unable.  AudibleRx will be able to play to both of these concerns by bringing to light the potential dangers that come with each drug.  This not only gives important, potentially life saving, information but also empowers the individual to form clear, educated questions to bring back to their health care provider or PillPack’s support team.

PillPack works with most major insurance companies, including Medicare Part D. They also handle all of the communication between your doctor and insurance companies, including following up to get information about refills and new prescriptions before your supply runs out. There’s no additional cost for having your medicine shipped to you through PillPack.

Overall, pairing PillPack and AudibleRx is an amazing way to make sure you’re getting the medication you need at the right time, safely – whether you have diabetes or some other disease or condition that might require daily pills or other medicines.


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