Death by Prescription Opiates Up Fourfold in Ten Years

Prescription opiate related deaths are on the rise over the past decade.  Yes, stringent regulations have been instituted and pharmacies are on ultra-high alert for any sign that a prescription for a controlled substance should not be filled.

This process of heavy handed oversight is a grand effort in control; however, it may be time spent heading down the wrong direction.  Perhaps what we need is an education campaign of such universal proportions it would make the current "control" effort seem like no more than a proverbial single pill in the large bottle.

From clinics to hospitals to pharmacies, the understanding and treatment of pain would be well served if it were treated with a universally agreed upon strategy and plan.  Perhaps at that time we may begin to see a decreases in prescription related opiate deaths.

Please read this article to understand the situation we have created over the past decade.


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