AudibleRx Company Description

"Consumer Medication Information, provided in audible format, with the intent of educating consumers to better understand their pharmaceutical care, increase adherence and decrease adverse events.  AudibleRxTM objectively bridges the medication-education-gap between the patient, their pharmacist and their doctor."

Provision of an easy to use web and app based program where consumers LISTEN to a pharmacist explain all of the important Consumer Medication Information associated with a specific medication.  This education will help an individual identify what they do and don’t know about the medication so they may take educated questions back to their own pharmacist or doctor.  The vision will be achieved through implementation of the Goal, Mission and Method.

Increase medication adherence, decrease medication related adverse events, and improve an individual's overall outcome of their pharmaceutical therapy.  This goal will be achieved through our mission.

Educate and motivate individuals to participate in their pharmaceutical care.  This mission will be achieved through the following method.

Provide Medication Specific Counseling SessionsTM, (Consumer Medication Information) in accordance with current practice standards, in audible format, through an easy to navigate website or tablet/phone app.

Problem Defined
Patients rarely receive the complete counseling and education they need to fully understand:
  1. Their medication regimen,
  2. The importance of adherence to their medications,
  3. The consequences of not taking their medications.

Without discussing all of the adherence statistics in this Company Description, it is agreed that prescription non-adherence is a leading cause of hospital admissions, re-admissions and emergency room visits.  The top five reasons consumers are non-adherent to their medication therapy include:
  • Don’t understand the need for medication.
  • Can’t afford medication.
  • Forget to take medication.
  • Personal beliefs against taking medication.
  • Don’t understand how to take medication.

Daily, patients pick up prescriptions from busy pharmacy counters or receive prescriptions in the mail.   Current barriers to effective medication counseling do not regularly allow for the pharmacist to sit with the patient and discuss their medications for 10-15 minutes at the counter. 

Pharmacists are under tremendous pressure to meet their performance metrics and will regularly cover the counseling points of three or four medications with a patient in fewer than two minutes.   Patients are then sent home from the pharmacy (or discharged from a hospital) with stacks of informational paperwork that is cumbersome to read. 

Furthermore, many patients are challenged with literacy or visual impairment and are unable to read the Consumer Medication Information leaflets they are sent home with.

Problem Solved
Of the top five reasons individuals are non-adherent to their medication therapy, three of them are related to education, sometimes called Health Literacy.  When a patient understands how their medication works, why they are taking it, and importantly, the consequence of not taking their medication, they will be much more likely to participate in their pharmaceutical care.

AudibleRxTM provides audible Consumer Medication Information (CMI) as an alternative to the paper handouts patients receive with each prescription at the pharmacy.  Each Medication Specific Counseling SessionTM lasts between 4-6 minutes and is available through a web or app based platform.  

Briefly, and in a simple to understand format, the session will describe how the medication works and what the consumer needs to know about taking that particular medication; while also highlighting all of the important required pharmacist counseling information associated with that specific prescription.  After listening to a CMI session, a patient or caregiver will have a clear idea of what they do and don't know about their medication and be in a better position to take educated questions back to their own health care providers.

Please understand, our goal at AudibleRxTM is not to replace the important face-to-face counseling sessions that a patient will have with their own Community Pharmacist; rather, to help educate patients and caregivers so they will be in a better position to engage their own health care practitioner in an educated discussion about their medication therapy.

Access to AudibleRxTM is free to the consumer; however, licensing agreements are necessary in order for Health Care Providers to promote AudibleRxTM as a patient education tool.  Health care providers are offered a FREE Six Month Trial in order to realize the value in audible CMI as applied to patient education. 

Specific Consumer Medication Information sessions are easy to locate on the web and app based program because they are categorized both alphabetically (by generic and trade name) and also by disease state.

AudibleRxTM is not affiliated with any drug manufacturer and offers no advertising.  Every effort is made to keep the recordings provide by AudibleRxTM completely objective and unbiased.  The AudibleRx website complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information on the internet.

Counseling information is organized in a fashion that is in concert with the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists guidelines on pharmacist-conducted patient education and counseling, and the FDA guidelines on Useful Written Consumer Medication Information. 
  • Scientifically accurate. 
  • Unbiased in content and tone. 
  • Sufficiently specific and comprehensive 
  • Presented in an understandable format that is readily comprehensible to consumers. 
  • Timely and up-to-date. 
  • Useful.

We currently have over 270 completely different medication sessions available. If we count all of the different dosage forms of specific medications, including both generic and trade name, that number is well over 1800. If we count different package sizes and different generic manufacturers, that number is well over 5000.

AudibleRxTM may be utilized as a consumer medication education tool in a variety of settings such as:
  • Community Pharmacy as an alternative to the paper CMI handouts.
  • Mail Order Pharmacy as an alternative to the paper CMI handouts.
  • Medication Therapy Management business.
  • Hospital Discharge medication education tailored to the learning needs of individual patients.
  • Medical Clinic or Medical Concierge service added value benefit.
  • Nursing Home or Skilled Nursing Facility patient medication education.
  • Employee Wellness Benefit.
  • Medication Counseling Education for pharmacy, nursing or medical students at your Institution.
  • Insurance Company provision of audible CMI to its clients.
  • Tele-Medicine as a value added benefit.
  • Any situation where consumers would benefit from non-biased medication education.

Whether it be someone who is challenged with literacy, visual impairment, or just one of the many individuals that learn better by listening, everyone deserve access to Consumer Medication Information.  Make a commitment to provide Accessible Medication Education to your customers, clients and patients; information tailored to meet the needs of those that learn better by listening.  Please visit, watch the short video, listen to a couple sessions, evaluate the Provider, Partner and Sources pages, and let us know how we may work together.

Steve Leuck, Pharm.D.

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