Accessible Patient Medication Information

AudibleRx had the amazing opportunity of presenting a short demonstration of Accessible Patient Medication Information at the annual American Council for the Blind annual convention in Las Vegas this summer.  Following is the script of the presentation.
10:30 AM: Accessibility to Prescription Drug Information: Devices and Approaches, Moderator: Melanie Brunson, ACB Executive Director, Arlington, VA; Mitch Pomerantz, ACB Immediate Past President, Pasadena, CA; Lainey Feingold, Attorney for Structured Negotiations with CVS.COM and Walgreens, Berkeley, CA; En-Vision America, David Raistrick, Vice President, Normal, IL; AccessaMed Inc., Chad Hazen, Director of Community Outreach, Vancouver, WA; AudibleRx, Dr. Steve Leuck, Pharm. D., Owner/President, Santa Cruz, CA

Good Morning:  My name is Dr. Steve Leuck, I am a practicing community pharmacist, and also, the president of a start-up company called AudibleRX, and I am here to discuss consumer access to Patient Medication Information.

AudibleRx provides digital/audio Patient Medication Information as an alternative to the paper handouts you receive with each prescription at the pharmacy.  We like to call it  "Medication information you LISTEN to."

AudibleRx was developed to help bridge the medication-education gap between the patient, their pharmacist and their doctor.

As stated by the ASHP, “The pharmacy profession has accepted responsibility for providing patient education and counseling, in the context of pharmaceutical care, to improve patient adherence and reduce medication-related problems.”

The issue is, patients do not always receive the education and counseling they need in order to achieve the best possible outcome from their medication therapy.   

Pharmacists are under tremendous pressure and will regularly cover the counseling points of three or four prescriptions with a patient in fewer than two minutes. 

Patients are then sent home from the pharmacy or discharged from the hospital with stacks of PMI that may be difficult for many to read or understand.  

Whether it be someone who is challenged with literacy, visual impairment, or just one of the 30% of the population that learn better by listening; many individuals will have a difficult time attempting to understand the paper PMI that they are sent home with.

As an alternative, patients may visit the AudibleRx website, or download the Android or iPhone app,  then, navigate to the medication they want to learn more about, click on the medication, and LISTEN to a 5-7 minute Medication Specific Counseling Session.  

Briefly, and in a simple to understand format, the session will describe how the medication works and what you need to know about taking that particular medication; while also highlighting all of the important required pharmacist counseling information associated with that specific prescription.

After listening to a session a patient or caregiver will have a clear idea of what they do and don’t know about their medication and will be in a much better position to take educated questions back to their own health care provider. 

Please understand, our goal at AudibleRx is not to replace the important face-to-face counseling sessions that a patient will have with their own Community Pharmacist; rather, to help educate patients and caregivers so they will be in a better position to engage their own health care practitioner in an educated discussion about their medication therapy.  

We encourage individuals to develop a relationship with a local community pharmacist they can trust.

AudibleRx is FREE to the individual user.  No logon or passwords are required.  We believe in free medication education for consumers; however, a licensing agreement is necessary in order for a health care provider or institution to promote AudibleRx as a patient education tool. 

We currently have over 250 medication counseling sessions posted, including over 95% of the top 200 prescribed medications.  Medications are organized in categories according to disease state, and a new alphabetical listing has just been added on the website version of AudibleRx.

Please, talk to your pharmacy, hospital, medical clinic, insurance company, and employer and ask them to offer AudibleRx as a medication education tool to their patients and clients. 

Visit and listen to a few sessions.  Our understanding is that the AudibleRx website works well with screen readers.  Contact us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or send us an email.  We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.
Thanks for your time.

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