Dear Hospital Discharge Team:

As health care providers, we do our best to counsel patients about their medications before they leave the hospital.  Along with our informative medication education, we also provide a plethora of printed Patient Medication Information (PMI) for the patient to review in the comfort of their living room after they get home. 

AudibleRx provides an alternative to the written pharmacy handouts.  Many people learn better by listening.  Visual impairment or literacy issues may limit an individual’s ability to read or comprehend the written PMI they received from the pharmacy.  

As stated in the State Operations manual from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. “The education and training provided to the patient or the patient’s caregiver by the hospital must be tailored to the patient’s identified needs related to medications.

When a hospital promotes access to AudibleRx digital/audio PMI, as a patient medication education tool, they are providing their clients with a valuable resource.  Each medication specific counseling session lasts 6-8 minutes and follows a template based upon the OBRA 90 counseling requirements as well as the ASHP Guidelines on pharmacist based patient education. 

After a patient or a caregiver listens to a digital/audio PMI session, they will have a clear idea of what they do and don’t know about their medication and be in a much better position to take educated questions back to their own pharmacist or doctor. 

AudibleRx is free for individual users; however, a licensing agreement is necessary in order for a hospital or other health care provider to offer AudibleRx as a medication education tool to its clients.  We would like to offer a FREE six month trial so you may see the value in this service.

Please visit our site, watch the 1 minute video, listen to a couple medication counseling sessions, then click on the Provider Page and sign the online licensing agreement.

AudibleRx currently has 260+ sessions available, including over 98% of the top 200 prescribed medications.  This service is available in a web platform, android app, iTunes app and HTML5 web app; all free for the individual user with no downloading necessary.

Steve Leuck, Pharm.D.

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