Yes, It's Free Medication Education

I have used this quote in the past and I am sure I will use it again someday.
This is an incredibly tall order, and one that is difficult to always meet in the ever busy and fiscal conscious health care setting.  It is possible that patients may be discharged from a hospital or pick up their prescription from a pharmacy and not be completely educated about their medication regimen when they get home.

Not only may a patient have a difficult time organizing and understanding their new medication treatment plan, they may also be confused as to what questions are important to seek answers to.  Patients have a few alternatives as to how they may achieve appropriate medication education awareness.

·         Just take the medication and see what happens.
·         Read the lengthy medication leaflets.
·         Try to come up with some questions and call their pharmacist or other health care provider.
·         Call a family member (works well if their brother is a pharmacist).
·         Search on the internet for a "trustworthy" source and then filter the information.
·         Listen to a Medication Specific Counseling SessionTM on

AudibleRxTM provides medication education in digital/audio format.  After listening to a 6-8 minute counseling session a patient or caregiver will have a clear idea of what they do and don't know about their medications and be in a clear position to take educated questions back to their own health care provider.

The good news is, AudibleRxTM is now FREE for individual users. 
The counseling sessions may be accessed at the AudibleRxTM website through one of the four available versions (Web Platform, Android App, iPhone App, HTML5 Web App).

AudibleRxTM is free for personal use; however, it is not to be used for institutional, retail, insurance, clinic or employer provided patient education without first obtaining licensing rights.  Please contact AudibleRxTM for more information.

As always, remember, AudibleRxTM does not replace the important face-to-face interaction with your own pharmacist.  We hope to educate you about your medications so you will be motivated to participate in your own pharmaceutical regimen.


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