Decrease Constipation

Today I have the opportunity to have a discussion with a group at one of our local retirement facilities about constipation.  Of course, our discussion will include more than is listed on this handout; however, these three items are paramount.  If we consume adequate fiber and drink plenty of water, maintain plenty of physical activity, and do our best to move our bowels when we feel the urge, we will significantly decrease the chances of constipation!
1.             Fiber and Water

2.             Physical Activity 

3.           Heed the Urge

·      Normal may be from 3 movements/day to 3 movements/week. 

·      What is normal for you?

·      Do not self-treat for more than 5-7 days.

·      Consult your Pharmacist or Doctor for recommendations on what the best medication treatment is for you.


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