Community Involvement

Community involvement is the process of engaging in communication and collaboration with members of your community.  Not only is community involvement valuable to the recipients of whatever services are being provided; the simple process of being involved provides a sense of meaning and fulfillment to those offering the services.

This past weekend, my wife and daughter joined me in presenting AudibleRx at the local community hospital health fair.  I know it seems like a small thing; however, many useful, mostly unexpected, consequences arose from the planning of and presenting at this community event.  Time will reveal what consequences will present as a result of us presenting at this fair.

·         The preparation time required me to prepare and organize exactly what it is I wanted to share with the community.

·         I was given the opportunity of sharing AudibleRx in much greater detail with my wife and daughter so they would be prepared to answer questions at the fair.

·         Through the process of preparation, I designed and put together two poster boards that describe what AudibleRx is and how it works.

·         The time that I spent at the fair with my wife and daughter was Really Fun!

·         Visiting with the 200+ individuals that worked their way through the fair allowed me the opportunity to fine tune my AudibleRx pitch.  This process really helped me refine how I can describe what AudibleRx is and how it works in a short, interesting pitch.

·         I had the opportunity to meet a number of care givers and other health fair presenters that were quite interested in AudibleRx which may lead to further collaboration.

·         The feeling of being involved in our community, communicating with individuals and collaborating with other health care workers is priceless.

At AudibleRx, we are all about medication information.  Take the time to increase your Health Literacy by understanding what you do and don't know about your medications.  After you have developed a few educated questions about your medications and health condition, contact your pharmacist, doctor or other health care provider and engage them in a conversation.

The country is in a state of health care transition.  No one really has a clear idea of how the Affordable Care Act will change our access to health care coverage over the next one, five or even ten years.  One point we can be sure of; as individuals, we all need to take more responsibility for our own health.  

Sometimes it really is brain surgery; however, more often, it comes down to simple questions:   

·         Will this food affect my heath?

·         When do I fit exercise into the day?

·         How much sleep do I need?

·         Do I understand my diagnosis?

·         Do I understand why I am taking my medications and the consequences of not taking them?

·         Where do I get my health care questions answered?

AudibleRx, educating and motivating individuals to participate in their pharmaceutical care.

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