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"Pharmacy based, Medication Specific Counseling SessionsTM, provided in audio format, with the intent of educating individuals to better understand their pharmaceutical care, increase adherence and decrease adverse events.  AudibleRxTM objectively bridges the medication-education-gap between the patient, their pharmacist and their doctor."

Daily, patients receive prescriptions in the mail or pick up prescriptions from busy pharmacy counters.  Current barriers to effective medication counseling do not regularly allow time for the pharmacist to sit with the patient and discuss their medications for 10-15 minutes at the counter.
Pharmacists are under tremendous pressure to meet their performance metrics and will regularly cover the counseling points of three or four medications in fewer than two minutes. Furthermore, the patient may be in a hurry to get their medication and leave and may not fully pay attention to what the pharmacist does say.  The patient is sent home with stacks of pamphlets that may be difficult to read.

Patient medication education is only one aspect of medication adherence; however, as stated in a recent report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “Our findings suggest that educational interventions and case management approaches offer the most consistent and voluminous evidence of improvements in medication adherence across varied clinical conditions.”

“The pharmacy profession has accepted responsibility for providing patient education and counseling in the context of pharmaceutical care to improve patient adherence and reduce medication related problems.”

Patients log on to the AudibleRx website, navigate to the medication they want to learn about, click on the link, then listen to a 6-8 minute Medication Specific Counseling SessionTM describing all the important counseling information for that specific medication.  After listening to a session a patient or caregiver will have a clear idea of what they know and don’t know about their medication and will be able to take educated questions back to their own health care provider.
It is important to understand that the digital recordings provided through AudibleRxTM are meant to supplement a patient’s education and understanding of their medication and are not a legal replacement for a face-to-face counseling session with their own pharmacist; however, patients may appreciate the simple manner in which they may access and listen to a medication education session.

AudibleRxTM is free for individual users; however, a licensee agreement is necessary when a provider wants to promote its use as a patient education tool such as may be used by an institution, hospital, pharmacy, clinic, insurance company, or any other group, are available.

AudibleRxTM has also released a smart phone and tablet application complete with all the 200+ Medication Specific Counseling SessionsTM currently available.  These apps are being offered for free to individual users and are for personal use only. They are not to be used for institutional education purposes without the institution first obtaining a licensing agreement from AudibleRxTM for such use.

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