SOUL food "Seasonal, Organic, Un-Processed and Local"

Quite a few years ago I was having a conversation with someone and we were discussing the concept of how to be present for the fantastic things in life.  The basic concept is, just keep doing what you are supposed to do, such as, feed the animals, wash the dishes, go to work, visit with your family, pay your bills etc…, and then, when something fantastic comes along, you are able to be present.  I know this sounds like an ultra simple formula and everyone should know how to do it; however it isn’t. 

When we lose contact with our surroundings, we may get side tracked, off in our own world of events.  For one reason or another we are not looking at or planning for the next week or the next month and we are caught up in our own super important life.  When this is happening, our own super important life takes precedence over the super important life of our loved ones, and we might miss being present for a fantastic event.

Last night, my wife, daughter and I were honored to be present for our son Cooper’s “Chef Showcase Dinner”.  Cooper started Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts last Spring.  He entered the six month Natural Chef Program.  We are very proud to announce that Cooper graduated this fantastic program and is now a Certified Natural Chef.  He has many opportunities ahead of him and we are all excited to see which direction it will take him. 

This was one of those events that I was incredibly fortunate to be present for.   My wife, Susie, graduated from this program about ten years ago, which was another fantastic event to be present for, so I generally knew what to expect with regards to the meal and the program. 
What I wasn’t prepared for was the overwhelming love and praise expressed to us from the three gifted and amazing Chef Teachers and the Chef Kitchen Manager.  The words they expressed and the emotions my wife and I felt from them about how they took Cooper “under their wings” and watched him grow from a kitchen neophyte to a Certified Natural Chef is something we will remember for the rest of our life. 

All twelve chef students had a role to play in the process of this Showcase Dinner.  Cooper, at 20 years old, was the youngest, by far, and they all volunteered him as the greeter and presenter of the meal.  Before each meal came out, Cooper would explain the meal, what went into it, and share a bit of his comical personality.  The meal was tremendous and all of the Chefs did a tremendous job.  I couldn’t help myself wanting to take a picture of each course to share with you in this blog.

Appetizer:  Tres Amigos
Sunny roll, Asian-infused tempeh bites, seasonal vegetable pockets, almond dipping sauce

Roasted Beet Soup with Horseradish Goat Yogurt


Romaine Boats with Vegan Caesar Dressing and Shiitake “bacon-bits”

Main Course:  SOULful Vegetable Stack with Filet of Portobello
Fresh corn polenta cake, herbed cannellini cream, baked breaded zucchini, caramelized onion jam, beefsteak tomato, tomato chip, basil leaf, marinated Portobello mushroom, balsamic reduction, basil oil

Desert:  Raw-some Rockin’ Buddha Cake
Cashew cream, acai powder, wild foraged blackberries, cacao nibs, medjool dates

 Tea:  Sweet Ruby Tea
Rooibos tea, cardamon, honey

Congratulations Cooper, we are all super proud of your accomplishment!  Thanks for letting us be present for your Showcase.


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