Summer of '85

It is interesting how certain songs, smells or other distinctive situations can evoke memories of past life experiences.  Over the past few days, a combination of events has brought back a specific memory from my time in pharmacy school.  Maybe it is the intense heat of the past few days, or maybe it was a conversation I had yesterday with a pharmacy technician who has been accepted to pharmacy school and will be starting in the fall, I am not sure; however, this particular moment in pharmacy school was a summer that seemed to last for years.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program is considered a four year post graduate program.  The school that I went to took these 8 semesters and fit them into three years, which meant that the first two years we also had a summer semester.  Stockton, California is in the heart of the Central Valley.  During the summer, temperatures rise.  I was born and raised near the Pacific Ocean so I was accustom to having the natural air conditioner system that the ocean provides during the warm summer months.  This was not the case in Stockton.

For me, the third semester of pharmacy school was the most difficult.  As I recall, the third semester was the culmination of all the chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology ground work.  I have memories of walking out of the auditorium that summer to 100+ temperatures at 2 in the afternoon, only to feel the heat long enough to walk across to the library where I would stay until dinner.  Exiting the library at 6 p.m. the temperature was still well into the 90’s.  I would be back at the library by 7 p.m. and stay until closing. 

Riding my bike back to my room at 11 p.m. I would have thoughts of past summers, swimming and vacationing, wondering and questioning myself what the heck I was doing here.  Would this summer ever end and more importantly, would I pass my classes?  The summer of 1985 was definitely the longest 3 months of my life.    

Yes, both the summer and I passed and moved on.  Fall came and we started the beginnings of clinical training, having laid all the ground work the previous three semesters.  Here I am, many years later, living back in a coastal town.  We have had some serious heat the past few days, none of which compares to the intense summer heat of the California Central Valley.  Fog is blanketing the sky this morning as the ocean’s natural air conditioner cools the temperature.

As far as summer vacation goes, the past week AudibleRx has taken some time off.  We put our 20 foot sail boat in the water for a week and have been lounging in the harbor, taking day trips out into the bay.  As you can see below, we are towing my nephew and his son in their small sail boat out for a race.  This too is a summer to remember.




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