MTM and AudibleRx Consumer Medication Information

The other day I received an email from a pharmacist asking how AudilbeRx could be involved in MTM service provision.   Perhaps, before I answer this question, I will take a moment to describe what MTM is all about.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term Medication Therapy Management,   this is a program of drug therapy management that may be furnished by a pharmacist and is designed to assure that the drugs are appropriately used to optimize therapeutic outcome and reduce adverse drug events.  The overall idea is to enhance a patients’ understanding of their medication usage, increase their compliance and adherence to therapy and improve the detection of adverse drug events.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) was authorized with the passing of the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003.  All Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription medication providers are now required to provide MTM services to their beneficiaries.  These services have been shown to be so effective at lowering overall health care costs that many non-Medicare based prescription drug plans are beginning to pay for this service for their clients.

When a patient is scheduled for their first MTM appointment with a pharmacist, they may expect to receive the most complete Medication Therapy Review counseling session they have ever had.  While the pharmacist and the patient meet they will assess medication therapy to identify medication related problems including clinical, dose, duplication, adherence, treatment, cost and access issues.  The pharmacist then develops a prioritized list of med-related problems and creates a plan to resolve them.

The process continues with the pharmacist creating a comprehensive record of the patient’s medications (Rx & non-Rx) and dietary/herbal supplements.  The patient is educated and empowered to keep it up to date and share it with all of their health care providers.  While at the visit the pharmacist will also, with the patient’s assistance, create an action plan for the patient.  This is a patient centered document, for the patient, containing a list of actions for the patient to use in tracking progress.

At the end of the appointment the pharmacist will then document the visit and follow up with the patients other health care providers to keep them all in the loop.  In this particular model, a patient would receive an annual comprehensive MTM review with a pharmacist that lasts about 45 minutes and additional MTM visits to address new or ongoing medication related problems as identified by the patients physician, another health care provider, or the patient them self.

Two MTM Businesses currently use AudibleRx with their patients.  Here is what they each said at their three month evaluation.

"My client base is comprised mostly of socially and economically disadvantaged people aged 65 years of age and older. vision impairment and poor literacy are common. your shareable audio monographs on my android phone are a perfect answer.
"This has worked well with my current client base and with my future health and wellness utilization in the employer/employee benefits arena as it applies to the PP-ACA in preventative illness and health and wellness initiative along with medication adherence as a wellness benefit for employees in the workplace.

So, how could AudibleRx be incorporated into an MTM program?  Each MTM program includes the development of a patient action plan.  This is the portion of the MTM plan where the patient is empowered to become educated about their therapy and take any specific follow up action as necessary. 

At this point, the pharmacist providing the MTM services would promote the use of AudibleRx to the patient.  AudibleRx is free for consumers.  They simply visit or use the Android, iPhone, or HTML5 Web app.  

The patient would then be responsible for listening to the Consumer Medication Information for each of their medications.  After listening, the patient would have a clear idea of what they do and don’t know about their medications and would be in a position to take educated questions back to their MTM provider.

Collaboration in health care is the process where multiple health care providers work in concert with each other to provide meaningful, useful and cost-effective therapy to patients.  AudibleRx is another tool to utilize in this collaborative health care model.  

Please visit the, and click on the Provider Page to access the licensing agreement.  Currently, a six month FREE TRIAL is available for health care providers wishing to offer AudibleRx to their clients.


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