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My friend, Omudhome Ogbru, Pharm.D. over at sent me a note the other day asking me if I would take some time and put down in words the answer to the question, "What is pharmacy?"  RxEconsult is an online community of businesses and professionals in healthcare and related field who share what they know with others in the spirit of collaboration. 

This was a intriguing question.  I have been a member of this particular online pharmacy network for over six months now and have found it quite useful for meeting other pharmacy entrepreneurs and also a great forum for getting some of my articles published.  I am able to put a couple lines at the bottom of each article directing folks back to my AudibleRx website, so I try to put something new and original up on the site every couple weeks.

In describing what pharmacy is to me, I employed a recent story from my time at the pharmacy that involves a pharmacist, a patient and a physician.  The two day resolution of the situation tells a good story of, in my humble opinion, what pharmacy is all about.  Please take a moment to follow this link to RxEconsult and read the article.

I appreciate any comments you may have about what pharmacy means to you.


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