Hormones Anyone?

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hormonal Contraception are not simple topics to talk about.  Quite a bit of thought, education, emotion and guiding principles are involved in each individual’s decision regarding treatment choice. 

At AudibleRxTM my goal is to educate and motivate you to participate in making your own decision.  I want to help you define what you do and don’t know about your current and future medication therapy.

After reading the AudibleRxTM blog and listening to the appropriate Medication Specific Counseling SessionsTM you will be better prepared to discuss your hormonal treatment options with your health care provider.

AudibleRxTM has provided a series of hormone related information blogs:

                Hormone Replacement Therapy alternatives and warnings.
                Hormonal Contraception treatment options and barriers to effective counseling.

                Hormonal Contraception and how it works.

To learn the specifics on any of the medications discussed in these blogs, please visit www.AudibleRx.com and LISTEN to the counseling session you are interested in.

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