Brain...think about it

When something is not quite working right, we need to take the time to perform some diagnostics on it.  We evaluate how it works, see how it has been taken care of, run some tests on it, and then come up with a plan.  The plan may include taking it apart and seeing if any parts can be replaced.  If that is not an option, we look into how we might change the environment so it may function better.  Finally, we consider if there is anything we can put into it to help improve its performance.

When it comes to our brain, we are a little hesitant about opening it up and trying to replace any parts that aren’t quite working so well.  More likely, we will spend some time with a health professional and gain some insight about how we might change our environment, or possibly, take some sort of medication that may help improve its performance.

Over the past few months I have written blogs discussing anxiety, depression, sleep, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, seizures, migraine headaches, and Alzheimer’s diseases.  The common thread here is that all of these conditions involve some sort of brain function that needs assistance of some kind.  Listed below are links to each one of these blogs.

Each one of these conditions has a series of medications that may help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the particular condition.  Furthermore, each medication has a unique mechanism on how it affects the brain, along with a specific set of interactions, adverse effects and warnings. 

As I have said before, a patient who is educated about their medication is more likely to be motivated to follow their own pharmaceutical regimen.   Take the time to become educated about yours or your loved ones medications so you too can expect your best possible outcome from your medication therapy. 

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