Speak Up, It's Dark In Here

“Okay. I am always suspicious of new people. Now that I know you're real, who are you, and what can I do for you?”
-Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind”

"They've always tried to help me, but having schizophrenia it was hard to receive the help."
-Robert Lawton

Here are a couple of eye opening facts that I was not aware of until today; it is estimated that about 1% of the population of the world is afflicted with schizophrenia.  This prevalence places schizophrenia as more common than Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or insulin-dependent diabetes.  Approximately 25% of all hospital beds in United States and Canada are filled with schizophrenic patients.  Schizophrenia is thought to be one of the top ten causes of long-term disability worldwide.

Schizophrenia constitutes a group of psychotic disorders which involve severely impaired thinking, emotions and behaviors.  Typically, schizophrenic patients are unable to filter stimuli to their senses such as sounds, colors and other environmental stimuli.  If left untreated, most schizophrenics will gradually withdraw from other people, interactions and eventually lose their ability to take care of the simplest of daily personal tasks. 

An excellent description of schizophrenia, including causes, symptoms, treatments and realistic expectations are available at the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Regularly I talk about effective patient medication counseling and overcoming the barriers to effective counseling.  This category of medications and patients poses some of the steepest barriers to effective counseling of all the medications.  We get a short time with the patient in the pharmacy, and there is a significant amount of important information to cover in this category of medications. 

It is great when we have a family member or caregiver to listen in and show understanding of the pharmaceutical therapy; however, quite often the patient is on their own.  I feel that this is a perfectsituation for use of the Medication Specific Counseling SessionsTM offeredthrough a membership with AudibleRxTM.  The important pharmacy counseling information about the medication can be listened to on a computer, tablet, iPhone or any internet device with a speaker as many times as is necessary.  If you miss a section, just stop the file and back it up and start over.

We currently have posted counseling sessions on most all of the newer medications used to treat schizophrenia or bi-polar mood disorder.  We also have counseling sessions on many of the medications used for mood stabilization, depression and anxiety disorders.  Please follow thislink to the Medications page to see which counseling sessions are currently availablefor listening.

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