My Pills Look Different

"Hi, I think you gave me the wrong medication, this tablet looks different than last time I picked it up."

"Thank you for calling!  Please, if you ever have a question about whether you received the right medication in your prescription bottle, do not hesitate to call your pharmacist back and verify the medication."

Unfortunately, in the world of generic medications, the available manufacturers change on a regular basis.  We update the computer to reflect the new manufacturer, and the new tablet description is on the label, however, it is still unsettling for a patient to receive a medication that looks different than it did the last time they took it. 

We give these calls top priority.  If a tablet or capsule looks different to a patient, we need to make sure, beyond doubt, that the patient received the correct medication. 

As a pharmacist, I live in a world where perfection is expected each and every time I fill a prescription.  I have multiple checks and balances, verifications, controls, and quality improvement programs implemented to assure the right drug is put in the right bottle for the correct patient.  That said, I am human.  The only pharmacist that does not make an error is the pharmacist who does not practice pharmacy.

My point is not to scare you into never trusting your pharmacist.  Pharmacists are the most accurate individuals I know.  As always, I encourage you to develop a relationship with your pharmacist.  If you find that the pharmacy you are going to does not lend itself to regular and easy communication with your pharmacist, check out another pharmacy.

MY POINT IS:  If your medication ever looks different than it did last time you picked it up, do not take it until you call your pharmacy and speak with your pharmacist to verify that it is the same medication!      


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