What is AudibleRx?

I thought I might take a moment to tell you where AudibleRx came from.  It is very interesting how "ideas" come to us throughout the day.  I know that over the years I  have had many different ideas that have entered my thought process, and then, a day or two later they are out the other side and I am on with the next.  Interestingly enough, the idea of AudibleRx entered my thought process almost one year ago today...and it came to stay.

I work in a clinic setting pharmacy that is considered an "out-patient" pharmacy for the hospital that I work for.  We are a unique setting.  It is similar to an independent pharmacy, and we run the store as if it were an independent pharmacy, except for the fact that it is owned by the hospital.  Because we are on the hospital campus, quite regularly prescriptions for specialty items will filter down to us from the other stores in town.  We are in a position where we can't just say, "Sorry we don't have that drug, take it to the next pharmacy".   If we don't have it, we need to take the time to help the patient figure out where and how they are going to get it.

Regularly we get patients and their families coming through the pharmacy that have been to a doctor on campus and they just want to ask us a question.  They start off with, "I get my prescriptions in the mail and I have a question about my medication", or, "I normally get my prescriptions filled at ?? chain pharmacy and they are so busy...", and then they proceed to ask their medication question. 

This got me thinking.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a website that patients could go to and click on the name of the medication they wanted to learn more about and listen to a pharmacist tell them all of the important counseling information about that medication.  Information they trust to be accurate, not just a generic internet search.   Information that would help them specifically with their medication and help them formulate specific, educated questions to take back to their own pharmacist or doctor.

In developing this information I felt that it is very important to maintain complete objectivity by never having any advertising on the website pages.  I want to maintain a clean and user-friendly atmosphere on AudibleRx. 

The Medication Counseling membership area has the currently available Medication Counseling Sessions.  These all last about 7-8 minutes and cover all of the information a pharmacist should cover in a normal counseling session at the pharmacy counter.  I follow the American Society of Health System Pharmacists guide on patient education and counseling in each Medication Counseling Session. 

My plan is to continue to blog, discussing a specific Pharmacy Topic which is relevant to a specific category of medications or a current pharmacy related issue. AudibleRx offers many Medication Specific Counseling Sessions (TM) in the membership area and will continue to produce more each month.  If a particular session is not yet available, please send me a note requesting the particular session.

I appreciate the support of everyone who takes the time to read this blog and pass it on to at least one other person who may find it helpful!


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