Gas (and we're not talking high prices)

Someone walks into the pharmacy and says they have gas.  To me, that spurs up a few questions that I need to ask them.  How long has this been going on for?, Are there any other symptoms like burning in the chest or heartburn or loose stools?  Do you have a fever?  Have you already taken anything or what have you tried already to treat this gas? 
There are many different reasons for the cause of gas such as swallowing air when you eat, different disease states, or improper combining of foods.  These are all great topics on their own, however, right at this moment, the person that came In the store is having a bloating feeling such as an air bubble moving through their gastro-intestinal tract and would like a suggestion for some relief.
They have answered all of my questions reasonably well and we have ruled out the need to be sent to the doctor for an urgent visit.  They have convinced me that this is not a chronic, persistent condition that has been left untreated for some time, and we are relatively sure that this patient does not have an acute infection of some kind. 

Most likely, it is about 30-60 minutes after lunch and they have gas pain.  I recommend to them a bottle of 80mg simethicone tablets.  Simethicone is an anti-flatulant medication that works to decrease the surface tension on gas bubbles in the gastro intestinal tract.  The normal dose is chew and swallow 1-1.5 tablets after meals or at bedtime to a maximum of 4 times daily. 
Within 20-30 minutes the gas pain should subside.  If the gas does not subside, or if you need to continue to re-treat the gas, please follow up with your doctor.


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