What to do with expired medications.

What do I do with my expired medications?
A common question I get in the pharmacy on a regular basis is, what do I do with my expired medications? 

First, let me tell you what not to do with them.

Please, do not give your expired medications to anyone else to take, it is against federal law, in addition to the fact that an individual needs to be evaluated by a healthcare practitioner and prescribed a medication before they may legally take the medication.  Also, please do not flush your medications down the toilet. 
Check with your local pharmacy or your waste management program to see if there is a medication disposal program available.  If there is no medication disposal program available, then you may take the medications and put them in a container such as a zip lock bag.  Then mix in something unpalatable such as kitty litter or coffee grounds.  Then add a little water to the mixture.  Now, take the container and put it in a brown paper bag and put it in the garbage.